International women’s day 2017

A short post today in the light of international women’s day.  I am of the generation that was warned of the glass ceiling – that later morphed into a glass wall.  I grew up with a woman Prime minister and Edwina Currie even came to visit our school to give a talk about being a woman in leadership.  The possibilities for my generation were going to surpass anything before – we were going to be unstoppable!  We should dress in sharp trouser suits and lead as the men do, a necessity to be accepted (apparently)!  How wrong we were!

Here we are, a few years down the line, I’m halfway through my career (I say career, I mean working life) I abandoned my aspirations to enable me to look after my children and be there for them!  I made my own choices, am not bitter and I have never experienced gender inequality directly.  I am however acutely aware of  the need not just to educate our daughters but that it is imperative that we educate our sons!  The current patriarchal society can not be changed overnight, this will take a generation to be natural and endemic in the beliefs of the populous, which is sad; I’m sure Emmeline Pankhurst is turning in her grave!

Let’s continue this fight!   Let us stand up for inequality whether it be on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation or social class, disability, intelligence, caste, weight, height, mental health or even on the basis of favourite colour!  Whether you have experienced this or if it happens in your presence, you have the right to refuse to accept this.  If everyone refuses to stand for this then we may just make the world a fairer place for everyone.

My favourite quote from today comes from Joyce Stevens and is taken from the Women’s liberation Broadsheet, 1975.  Much of this is still true today.



Thank you for reading and here’s to us all!  Best Wishes. Natalie

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