About Natalie…

I am an agile professional with interests in a wide variety of fields most notably HR. I have a weakness for chocolate and a love of the great outdoors! I have enjoyed a very varied career thus far including running 2 businesses simultaneously and am now pouring my energies into developing excellent HR provision in the education sector.

I have recently taken the great leap into blogging and am very much enjoying the interaction with readers from all over the world. Please feel free to read my musings and like (if you do like), comment and share!

If you’d like, feel free to follow me on Twitter @MsNatHarris and on LinkedIn. Look forward to connecting with you!

Best wishes Natalie

#entrepreneurship #leadershipdevelopment #humanresources #hrblogging

5 thoughts on “About Natalie…

  1. Diya @ Pen2Needle says:

    I second CalmKate in that it would be great to see some content on your About page. Like you say it doesn’t have to be personal but at least something about the purpose of your blog and what you hope to achieve.

    Good luck with your blogging journey 🙂

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  2. calmkate says:

    You ask deep questions but don’t fill in your details?
    Yes, I do believe in karma – not sure that I created the merit for such a magical day more like I’ve burnt good merit and now need to accumulate some more!
    We’ve been blogging for the same time, I started Oct last year also. More than 100 views today, doubt this roll will last – it must be a result of our comments course that so many new people are checking each other out.
    Where do you hail from? Are you doing HR work? What qualification do you have for that?

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    • nharris1612 says:

      Thanks for your feedback CalmKate. When I write I think that I’m looking to spark questions for the reader rather than give answers as I know that neither I nor anyone necessarily has all the answers and within my chosen field everything is so subjective and there are many variables. I guess as I don’t really write a personal blog that is harder to achieve, but I am looking to grow and improve. I am from London in the UK and am not in HR at the moment (typical Mother fitting work around children story). I do hold an Intermediate Diploma from the CIPD and I am planning that I will move back into an HR specific role as soon as I find the right one. Thanks and I hope that you have a great day and hope that your numbers keep rising! Best Wishes. Natalie


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